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FHA Loan Benefits

  • • Low Down Payment 3.5% down
  • • Easy Qualifications
  • • Attractive Interest Rates
  • • Rehab Loans Available
  • • Higher Debt To Income To Qualify

Why use Prodigy Lending

Prodigy Lending Has Been Providing Award Winning Service For Mortgages For More Than 17 Years and is able to provide the rates and customer support on your FHA Loan that you deserve.

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Buyers that may have a hard time getting approved by traditional lenders may still have a chance at home ownership courtesy of FHA loans. FHA loans might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they have several features that make them appealing:

  • – Get approved to borrow with issues in your credit history or thin credit.
  • – Buy FHA-backed manufactured homes, multi-unit properties, condos, or single-family homes.
  • – Receive more funding (above and beyond the purchase loan) for repairs and renovations courtesy of the FHA 201k program.
  • – Fund the down payment with help from the seller or gift money

FHA loans might not be the right option for everyone, but they are the best one in some situations. The main appeal of these loans is that they make it easier to own property. To speak with a qualified FHA Loan Officer call us at (844) 401-6714.